09 December 2013

Made in the Northwest - Lensbaby

Lensbaby Radio #4 and #5

Lensbaby Radio, episode four, features the unique Kirsten Hunter, Director of Customer Happiness of Lensbaby.

11 November 2013

Lensbaby Radio #4 - Corey Hilz

The fourth broadcast of Lensbaby Radio, hosted by Scott Sheppard is available for your listening pleasure at Itunes. This time the guest is Corey Hilz, a long time Lensbaby user and also wrote two books regarding about Lensbaby.

Photo from coreyhilz.com

31 October 2013

Lensbaby Radio interview with Kathleen Clemons

The third Lensbaby Radio show is now available for your listening pleasure at Itunes.
After Craig Stron and Kevin Kubota, Scott Sheppard invited, photographer Kathleen Clemons to be the guest on the show.

23 October 2013

22 October 2013

Kubota Creative Tools Lensbaby Pak

Kevin Kubota is a photographer, with a long relationship with Lensbaby products. His friendship with Craig Strong, allowed him to follow Lensbaby evolution since the first prototypes into the worldwide company that it is nowadays. 

Kevin Kubota and Craig Strong.                                                 photo from Jules Cafe

Lensbaby inventor and CEO, has participated in two editions of the Kubota Photographer Ignite, that runs annually.  

08 October 2013

DIY aperture disc container

If your a fan of creative apertures, you know that they are never enough. And once you fill up the Lensbaby magnetic aperture swap tool container, the issue surfaces...where can i keep them now? Theres two cheap, almost free solutions:

The official Lensbaby magnetic aperture swap tool container reuses the old Kodak film canister lid. Therefore, if you have old film canister lids, you can use them to store more of your creative apertures.

03 October 2013

What's Up With My Composer?

After using my Lensbaby Composer Pro for a couple of months I noticed a pretty annoying behavior which got worse every day. Instead of shifting the sweet spot smoothly, there was a lot of resistance and the whole thing felt terribly wobbly. On certain spots of the movement it felt like the front part would fall out of the composer as if the locking ring were loose. I tried to tighten the locking ring, but that didn't help. Unfastening the locking ring lead to a totally unpredictable motion of the lens. Weird. And I was really desperate because I had bought the Composer Pro as a sturdy replacement of my Composer …

What Does The Problem Look Like?

To give you an impression of how things felt with my little used Composer Pro I created a short video taken with my iPhone 5 and compressed to fit Blogger's needs -

24 September 2013

Its a new duo: Composer Pro + Edge 80

There's Laurel & Hardy, Bert and Ernie, Batman and Robin, Sherlock Holmes and Watson or ... all great duos. Recently there's a new duo in town... Lensbaby have recently added new bundle, the Composer Pro with the Edge 80 (previously you had to buy the Composer Pro with either the Sweet 35 or the Double Glass Optic and the Edge80 separately).

23 September 2013

Lensbaby Radio

Lensbaby recently started a radio show with Scott Sheppard, covering tips, tricks and story of the company and its products.

The first broadcast, features Craig Strong, the inventor and CEO of Lensbaby.

28 July 2013

Enjoying The Past

Photography hasn't always been like it is today. In the beginning cameras didn't have lenses but just a very small pinhole to grab the light. As an enhancement the zoneplate got invented. Today you can enjoy the glowing effects of this ancient technology by putting the Lensbaby Zoneplate Optic into your lens body of choice. As there's no sweet spot with the zoneplate optic you may use pretty much any body, but using the non-lockable bodies like the Muse, or the Control Freak needs a lot of light to prevent from motion blur at f/45. 

How dark is f/45?

16 July 2013

Clicking Moms - Breakout Sessions: Lensbaby Love | The Basics and Beyond

Clickin Moms will have a dedicated Lensbaby learning experience with photographers Jen Foster, Katie Clay and Caroline Jensen. You can attend the session between July 16th - July 31st and it costs 50 dollars. For more info visit the Clickin Moms University.

CMpro Breakout Sessions are a unique and affordable opportunity to learn digital photography, processing, business and more directly from amazing professional photographers and highly skilled artists. A cross between a webinar and a workshop, each Breakout Session includes a downloadable set of materials (such as PDFs, videos, and/or actions or presets) as well as access to an interactive online forum to share and discuss the Breakout topic with other registered students.

14 July 2013

Why should I spend on a broken lens?

The only one to decide on this is you. If you love to create pictures like everybody else can you sure have no need for a lensbaby. If you think your current gear is either too heavy, or too expensive, or delivers only rather ordinary views, you may consider bending your sight some. I'll provide you with five reasons why you may want to have lensbabies in your camera bag. 

Lensbaby Double Glass Optic

Reason #1: carrying lensbabies means traveling light.

Lensbaby Hangout #2

Earlier this week, the second Lensbaby Hangout with Lensbaby CEO Craig Strong, Lensbaby Directos of Customer Happiness Kirsten Hunter and Lensbaby photographers Kathleen Clemons and

07 July 2013

Taming the Sweet Spot on a Composer

Lensbaby optics became famous for their 'sweet spot', a circular focal area which can be moved around the frame. Ideally, the photographer aligns the sweet spot with the subject, pulls focus accordingly and gets a perfectly sharp subject surrounded by gorgeous silky soft blur. So much for the theory.
In practice, it's really hard for beginners to master the sweet spot. Either it's not on the subject, or it's backfocused, which causes a ring of sharpness around the blurred center, or it's not focused very well. 

Of course you have to adjust your viewfinder to your eyesight to get acceptable results, but there are still some more issues dealing with the sweet spot properly. Today you'll learn a neat trick which works with pretty much all Nikon bodies I'm aware of. The optics used was the Sweet35 which I think is the hardest challenge whatsoever. The same principles can be used with Double Glass, Single Glass and Plastic Optic. These four are the Lensbaby optics which feature that circular sweet spot. 

Shift the focus field to the center of the blurred sweet spot and lock it

Let's get dirty

06 July 2013

Comparing Lensbabies

If you consider buying a lensbaby you sure would like to get a clue as how the various optics perform. A good starting point would be the Compare Lensbaby optics online where you can sort images by optic and accessories used. However, this isn't exactly a helpful comparison, as lensbaby optics vary a lot with different lighting and subjects. 

To help this, I took my lensbaby optics for a shootout under strictly non scientific conditions. My goal was to give a good comparison between the various optics at different apertures. I set up the board to the specs of the USAF 1951 Chart as given by Jim Doty.  but I also put in some variation.

Board as shot with my Nikkor AF 50/1.8 @ f/8 

Only half of the board was used to hold USAF 1951 charts. I think it is rather pointless to look for sharpness in every corner when it's just about the same blur everywhere.

What's a Creative Lens?

While regular lenses are referred to as lenses, the less contrasty, less sharp, and less well corrected glass one puts in front of a camera is most often called a creative lens. Admittedly, creative sounds a lot better than crooked or broken or awkward, but how do optics fit the claim to be creative?

Double Glass Optics
In fact, it is you, the photographer, who has to be creative to get the best out of your new lens (-baby). Some think it's way more demanding to shoot a creative lens than a regular one. There is pretty much nothing left to

27 June 2013

Lensbaby Artistry Challenge - Month #2

The monthly challenge of facebook group Lensbaby Artistry had the second round challenge picked by Lensbaby creator, Craig Strong.

Quoting Keri Friedman from Lensbaby HQ, that announced the winners of the second months challenge:

Hello everyone – Keri from Lensbaby here again, excited to share Craig’s favorites for the May photo challenge. Please see his images choices below, and why he chose them:

Craig’s favorite (to receive the optic of the photographer’s choice!):
Title: Sunrise over blue planet
Theme: Blue
Creator: Norbert Fuerst
Lensbaby optic used: Double Glass, creative 12-ray star aperture, 10x Macro filter

On the topic of seeing in a new way...the photographer finds a bizarrely creative way to turn a water bottle into another universe. The concept behind the shot and the way he achieved it utilizing several Lensbaby products, as well as the successful, fun, other-wordly feel makes this image stand out.

Lensbaby Hangout 10th of July

Mark your calendars for July 10th. Lensbaby HQ is throwing another Google+ Hangout Livecast. This time, Craig Strong will be joined by photographers, educators and all-around Lensbaby experts Kathleen Clemons and Ron Goldman. They'll answer your questions and discuss their own tips and techniques for getting beautiful images with a Lensbaby.Post your questions on Google+ or tweet them @Seeinanewway with the hashtag #Lensbabyhangout.

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

18 May 2013

Lensbaby Artistry Challenge - First Month picked photos by Craig Strong

The monthly challenge of Facebook group "Lensbaby Artistry" had their first picked photos by Lensbaby creator, Craig Strong.

Quoting Doug Sahlin that announced the three picked photos:

Congratulations Lensbaby Artists. Roxanne Sahlin and I are very impressed with the quality and variety of the images you've posted. Craig Strong, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Lensbaby has reviewed all of the images and has chosen the following as the best images for the month of April:

Best of Show:
Lensbaby Artist: Robin Cohen
Theme: Light
Image Title: Follow Me

Congratulations Robin. You will receive the following gifts:
1. The optic of your choice from Lensbaby.
2. Perfect Photo Suite 7 Premium from OnOne Software

16 May 2013

Lensbaby Hangout and B&H System tour

In case you missed the Lensbaby Hangout with Craig Strong and Kirsten Hunter, Lensbaby has uploaded the video for your viewing pleasure.

Also, Kirsten was at B&H giving a proper Lensbaby system tour, showing all the products and how Lensbaby has grown through the years. So if your new to Lensbaby and arent quite aware of what you can do with Lensbaby products, make sure to check this video.

22 April 2013

Lensbaby Artistry Themes

Update on  Lensbaby Artistry Theme Challenge (Facebook group). Lensbaby Artistry is run by Doug Sahlin and Roxanne Sahlin, photographers at Doug Plus Rox Photography, also Doug has released in 2012 a digital book dedicated to Lensbaby, titled Mastering the Lensbaby: A step-by-step guide to mastering your Lensbaby and becoming a more creative photographer.

Hang out with Craig on Google+ tomorrow!

From Lensbaby headquarters:

Got some burning questions for Lensbaby inventor Craig Strong? Join us for a Google Hangout (http://j.mp/15ja0Zr) on April 23 at 4PM (PST).
Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com
We'll take live Q&A during the hangout or through Twitter (@seeinanewway #lensbabyhangout). Send questions ahead of time also to google@lensbaby.com.

Don't miss!

02 April 2013

Lensbaby Artistry Facebook Group

Lensbaby Artistry is a Facebook Group in which Lensbaby users share their Lensbaby photos. The Group monthly have a Monthly Challenge. Doug Sahlin is one of the Group Admins and here is the explanation about the Challenge.
Tomorrow is April 1st, April Fool's day for some, but for us, the start of the Lensbaby Artistry Challenge. We can't wait to see how the talented members of this group interpret the themes. If you're high-tech like Roxanne Sahlin, create a note on your SmartPhone that lists each theme. If you're high-tech like Doug Sahlin, but still like "Old School" write the challenge themes down in your Moleskine notebook. Ansel Adams said that no photographer should be without a notebook. If you haven't looked at the short video that's pinned to the top of the group page, please do so before posting images to the April Lensbaby Artistry Challenge album. You can also find a list of the themes in the Files tab just below the banner image. Open the Welcome document, and you'll see a list of all the themes. We're also going to mix up the banner image. When we see an awesome photo posted that will fit the banner space, we'll make the change. If anybody in the group does not want their image posted as the banner, please let us know. Let the fun begin. Cheers, Doug and Roxanne
Join the group here and share your photos, views, comments and accept the challenges.

29 March 2013

Edge 80 Miniature Effect

The newest optic (released in 2012), Edge 80 is a 80 mm optic that allows you to make the miniature effect that the expensive tilt-shift lens do if tilted.

Tips: Depending of the topography of the place you are shooting, either choose a higher or lower ground and try to make the sweet spot of focus (tilt the lent up/down if you want a horizontal slice or left/right for a vertical slice, from there depending the composition adjust the tilting) on the subject that you want to stand out. Keep in mind that the size of the sweet spot (slice) of focus is smaller is you use a smaller aperture, so the best apertures to achieve the miniature effect are either f2.8 or f5.6.

24 March 2013

Creative Apertures Video Example

Video made with Lensbaby Composer, Double Glass Optic and seventy custom creative apertures to create the creative bokeh.

               Music by Dusan

A few photo examples using custom creative apertures (Composer + Double Glass Optic). 

23 March 2013

Accessory Combination Chart

A simple accessory chart, with the possible combinations in between them. Use the filter (select the dot on the accessory column)  and learn what you are able to combine with other accessories by checking the dots on each row. For example: Double Glass Optic: Wide Angle + Macro Converters + Macro Kit + Creative Aperture. Soon, there will be a video exemplifying all these combinations.

Beginner Tip: Compatibility Chart

This chart was created to sum all the Lensbaby gear compatibilities, optic specifications, focal lengths, thread sizes, etcetera...


20 March 2013


After being a Lensbaby enthusiast and lover for the last two year, i decided to build this blog to help and share the Lensbaby love, wonders and passion with others.
From video, tutorials and other miscellaneous Lensbaby/DSLR can be expected from this small website.
Interaction with users will be a key factor to this blog dynamic, so if you want to help out, make sure to contact me and send you tips, tutorials, suggestions, etcetera.

A Flickr/Facebook group has been created, which weekly we will weekly choose the three best photos and post them here at Lensbaby Lovers. Submit yours at the group page, keep in mind to describe the gear used in the description.

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