29 March 2013

Edge 80 Miniature Effect

The newest optic (released in 2012), Edge 80 is a 80 mm optic that allows you to make the miniature effect that the expensive tilt-shift lens do if tilted.

Tips: Depending of the topography of the place you are shooting, either choose a higher or lower ground and try to make the sweet spot of focus (tilt the lent up/down if you want a horizontal slice or left/right for a vertical slice, from there depending the composition adjust the tilting) on the subject that you want to stand out. Keep in mind that the size of the sweet spot (slice) of focus is smaller is you use a smaller aperture, so the best apertures to achieve the miniature effect are either f2.8 or f5.6.

Photos by Nuno Caldeira using Canon 550D with Lensbaby Composer + Edge 80.

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