02 April 2013

Lensbaby Artistry Facebook Group

Lensbaby Artistry is a Facebook Group in which Lensbaby users share their Lensbaby photos. The Group monthly have a Monthly Challenge. Doug Sahlin is one of the Group Admins and here is the explanation about the Challenge.
Tomorrow is April 1st, April Fool's day for some, but for us, the start of the Lensbaby Artistry Challenge. We can't wait to see how the talented members of this group interpret the themes. If you're high-tech like Roxanne Sahlin, create a note on your SmartPhone that lists each theme. If you're high-tech like Doug Sahlin, but still like "Old School" write the challenge themes down in your Moleskine notebook. Ansel Adams said that no photographer should be without a notebook. If you haven't looked at the short video that's pinned to the top of the group page, please do so before posting images to the April Lensbaby Artistry Challenge album. You can also find a list of the themes in the Files tab just below the banner image. Open the Welcome document, and you'll see a list of all the themes. We're also going to mix up the banner image. When we see an awesome photo posted that will fit the banner space, we'll make the change. If anybody in the group does not want their image posted as the banner, please let us know. Let the fun begin. Cheers, Doug and Roxanne
Join the group here and share your photos, views, comments and accept the challenges.