27 June 2013

Lensbaby Artistry Challenge - Month #2

The monthly challenge of facebook group Lensbaby Artistry had the second round challenge picked by Lensbaby creator, Craig Strong.

Quoting Keri Friedman from Lensbaby HQ, that announced the winners of the second months challenge:

Hello everyone – Keri from Lensbaby here again, excited to share Craig’s favorites for the May photo challenge. Please see his images choices below, and why he chose them:

Craig’s favorite (to receive the optic of the photographer’s choice!):
Title: Sunrise over blue planet
Theme: Blue
Creator: Norbert Fuerst
Lensbaby optic used: Double Glass, creative 12-ray star aperture, 10x Macro filter

On the topic of seeing in a new way...the photographer finds a bizarrely creative way to turn a water bottle into another universe. The concept behind the shot and the way he achieved it utilizing several Lensbaby products, as well as the successful, fun, other-wordly feel makes this image stand out.

Lensbaby Hangout 10th of July

Mark your calendars for July 10th. Lensbaby HQ is throwing another Google+ Hangout Livecast. This time, Craig Strong will be joined by photographers, educators and all-around Lensbaby experts Kathleen Clemons and Ron Goldman. They'll answer your questions and discuss their own tips and techniques for getting beautiful images with a Lensbaby.Post your questions on Google+ or tweet them @Seeinanewway with the hashtag #Lensbabyhangout.

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