16 July 2013

Clicking Moms - Breakout Sessions: Lensbaby Love | The Basics and Beyond

Clickin Moms will have a dedicated Lensbaby learning experience with photographers Jen Foster, Katie Clay and Caroline Jensen. You can attend the session between July 16th - July 31st and it costs 50 dollars. For more info visit the Clickin Moms University.

CMpro Breakout Sessions are a unique and affordable opportunity to learn digital photography, processing, business and more directly from amazing professional photographers and highly skilled artists. A cross between a webinar and a workshop, each Breakout Session includes a downloadable set of materials (such as PDFs, videos, and/or actions or presets) as well as access to an interactive online forum to share and discuss the Breakout topic with other registered students.
Over the course of the session, students may also submit their questions to a dropbox for the presenter. Toward the end of the Breakout term, those questions are gathered to form the basis of a one-on-one online interview with the presenter that is recorded and made available to all participants for download.