24 September 2013

Its a new duo: Composer Pro + Edge 80

There's Laurel & Hardy, Bert and Ernie, Batman and Robin, Sherlock Holmes and Watson or ... all great duos. Recently there's a new duo in town... Lensbaby have recently added new bundle, the Composer Pro with the Edge 80 (previously you had to buy the Composer Pro with either the Sweet 35 or the Double Glass Optic and the Edge80 separately).
Not any more, Lensbaby are now selling them together, in case you prefer this combination.

Personally this is my favourite combination since i bought the Edge 80 earlier this year (yes...i had to buy it separately at the time...lucky you now), if you follow my work, you know i have been using it for months and i truly recommend it, perfect start if you aren't in the Lensbaby world yet (shame on you!!!) and after that you can get other optics if you wish. The Edge 80, like i mentioned before, is the "swiss army knife" of the Lensbaby optics, slice of focus/no slice of focus/ close ups/portraits/tiltshifting miniaturized landscare....the Edge 80 handles it all.

Get more info at the Lensbaby official website