31 October 2013

Lensbaby Radio interview with Kathleen Clemons

The third Lensbaby Radio show is now available for your listening pleasure at Itunes.
After Craig Stron and Kevin Kubota, Scott Sheppard invited, photographer Kathleen Clemons to be the guest on the show.

23 October 2013

Lensbaby Artistry Newsletter

Our friends Doug and Roxanne Sahlin (they are professional photographers at Doug Plus Photography) and run the fabulous Lensbaby Artistry facebook group, created a newsletter about Lensbaby

22 October 2013

Kubota Creative Tools Lensbaby Pak

Kevin Kubota is a photographer, with a long relationship with Lensbaby products. His friendship with Craig Strong, allowed him to follow Lensbaby evolution since the first prototypes into the worldwide company that it is nowadays. 

Kevin Kubota and Craig Strong.                                                 photo from Jules Cafe

Lensbaby inventor and CEO, has participated in two editions of the Kubota Photographer Ignite, that runs annually.  

08 October 2013

DIY aperture disc container

If your a fan of creative apertures, you know that they are never enough. And once you fill up the Lensbaby magnetic aperture swap tool container, the issue surfaces...where can i keep them now? Theres two cheap, almost free solutions:

The official Lensbaby magnetic aperture swap tool container reuses the old Kodak film canister lid. Therefore, if you have old film canister lids, you can use them to store more of your creative apertures.

03 October 2013

What's Up With My Composer?

After using my Lensbaby Composer Pro for a couple of months I noticed a pretty annoying behavior which got worse every day. Instead of shifting the sweet spot smoothly, there was a lot of resistance and the whole thing felt terribly wobbly. On certain spots of the movement it felt like the front part would fall out of the composer as if the locking ring were loose. I tried to tighten the locking ring, but that didn't help. Unfastening the locking ring lead to a totally unpredictable motion of the lens. Weird. And I was really desperate because I had bought the Composer Pro as a sturdy replacement of my Composer …

What Does The Problem Look Like?

To give you an impression of how things felt with my little used Composer Pro I created a short video taken with my iPhone 5 and compressed to fit Blogger's needs -