08 October 2013

DIY aperture disc container

If your a fan of creative apertures, you know that they are never enough. And once you fill up the Lensbaby magnetic aperture swap tool container, the issue surfaces...where can i keep them now? Theres two cheap, almost free solutions:

The official Lensbaby magnetic aperture swap tool container reuses the old Kodak film canister lid. Therefore, if you have old film canister lids, you can use them to store more of your creative apertures.

Another option is to use a Kinder Surprise Egg container.

If you want to modify the containers, either the film canister or the Kinder egg, so that you add a line (to secure them in your strap for example), just make two holes with a heated needle (dont forget to use a pliers...if you dont wanna get burn) and use "a short 3-inch bit of wire line, with a swivel at both ends" (Inspired on Pauls Powered Paragliding Page).

Photo credit to Paul Barker at his website dedicated to Paragliding