17 April 2014

Lensbaby LM-10 lens for your iphone/smar tphone

Lensbaby launched a successfully crowd funding campaign (which already achieved the goal) to support a sweet spot of focus lens for iphone.

The lens is designed to iphone in mind (includes a app), but is also
compatible for other smartphones (theres no app for Android yet, but considering the demand and the well accpeted campaing, it will most certainly be available).

The lens is attached to your smart phone using a metal ring, the lens is magnetic attached. Also the lens allows you to combine the Lensbaby lens with other existing lens, such a Olloclip.
This is definitely an interesting move from Lensbaby, by expanding their product for other than DSLR/M-4/3.

The lens will be available in July and you can get yours at a discount price at the moment (theres is different packs which combines several items), by supporting the kickstarter campaign until the end of April here.

More info about LM-10 at Lensbaby official website

Photo examples:

 photo by: Keri Friedman

 photo by: Keri Friedman