18 April 2016

Lensbaby Storytellers Photo Contest


Lensbaby are running their monthly contest on their facebook page:
  • Lensbaby Storytellers Photo Contest
    What is your Lensbaby Story? For our April photo contest, we want to see the photo that got you hooked on Lensbaby. There are some great stories out there about how people came to love Lensbaby, and we want to hear yours! Whether it was your first, or thousandth attempt, or somewhere in between - we want to hear about your struggles and successes as your learned how to shoot with Lensbaby.

You can enter this week official at Lensbaby official Facebook contest by submitting your photo at this link and if you get picked win a 100$ Lensbaby gift card from Lensbaby.

Lensbaby announce new optic Twist 60

The new optic will be available as a optic or optic with a body (similar to the discontinued Scout, that doesnt tilt).