19 September 2017

Lensbaby announces two new optics: Sweet 80 and Creative Optic

Composer Pro II With Sweet 80 Optic

Blow past simple depth of field. Create an entirely new composition with our Composer Pro II with Sweet 80 Optic. Bring tack sharp focus to your subject. Fill the surrounding area with compelling, streaky bokeh. We’ve harnessed basic physics to create blur in-camera, bending depth of field around your subject. The result? Your new favorite in-camera effect.
Composer Pro II with Sweet 80 Optic is an 80mm f/2.8 tilt lens that brings our classic “sweet spot” look to portrait photographers, or anyone looking for selective focus at a longer focal length. Sweet 80’s 12 aperture blades make for a perfectly smooth transition from sharp to soft.

Creative Bokeh Optic

The Creative Bokeh Optic harkens back to Lensbaby’s inception with its simple, 50mm single uncoated glass element design and specially shaped aperture disks. Offering an in-depth level of bokeh control, the shaped aperture disks give new meaning to creative freedom and fun. Simply place one of the 9 shaped magnetic drop-in disks into the Optic. Transform your images as your bokeh takes on the shape of the disk.
The Creative Bokeh Optic includes 2 blank disks. Carve your own creativity into them with an Xacto knife or craft store hole-punch.
This Optic also features a 12-blade internal aperture dial for a soft sweet spot of focus with a subtle glow from f/2.5 through f/22. Bright apertures produce a small area of focus with the most glow and softness while darker apertures give you a larger area of focus with less glow.
Creative Bokeh Optic is for use only in a Composer series, or legacy Muse, Control Freak, or Scout lens body.

Sweet 80 photo samples:

Creative Bokeh Optic sample photos:

27 June 2017

New Lensbaby lens: Meet Velvet 85

Lensbaby announced a new Velvet lens with a focal length of 85mm (yes perfect for portraits). The Velvet 85 is available for Canon, Nikon, Sony E, Sony A, Pentax K, Samsung NX, Fuji X and Micro 4/3 mounts.

Heres the press release, a few photos and some reviews of the Velvet 85.

Meet our latest creation - Velvet 85! Create soulful, striking portraits and macro masterpieces with our brand-new art lens. Inspired by our bestselling Velvet 56, Velvet 85 combines lustrous skin tones with the added compression & bokeh of high-quality 85mm portrait lenses. Transform your visual voice with portraits, macro, and more - get
CNET review
Adorama review 
thephoblographer review
PCmag review 

Sample photos:

photo: Cristina Venedict
photo: CarolineJensen.com
photo:Soul Chasing Photography

More info about Velvet 85 at the Lensbaby website

25 March 2017

Lensbaby University

Lensbaby University has arrived to teach you how you can use lensbaby products with a smaller learning curve. You can submit your work after watching the tutorials. Join now at http://university.lensbaby.com/ and yes it is FREE.